Monday, September 11, 2006

Flame Metals Health Consultation - MDH Recommendations

Flame Metals Health Consultation

From the Minnesota Department of Health

(Photo taken in December 2005)

Please take the time to read over the entire document in PDF form. Some members of the South Oak Hill Neighborhood believe that the cover page to the health consultation on the website is misleading. The cover page was what was mailed to the entire neighborhood.

Here is a valuable excerpt from the cover page:
What does MDH recommend?
-Facility emissions and concentrations of the pollutants in the adjacent residential neighborhood should be estimated. Emissions data are needed for carbon monoxide, particulates and other gases.
-If ambient air samples are collected, this should be done under conditions when emissions might reasonably be expected to drift in the direction of the collection vessel.
-Interim actions that could lessen or mitigate the likelihood of emissions from the facility reaching the adjacent neighborhood, such as raising stack heights, should be considered.